The English Bulldog

The English Bulldog

Since Charlie, my little rescue is an English Bulldog, I thought I would start off giving you a little information about them. More than likely it is the English or British Bulldog that comes to mind for most people when they think of Bulldogs. You know that dog that has a face only a mother could love or they’re so ugly they’re so cute? Well, that’s Charlie, the English Bulldog!

Typical Description of the English Bulldog

This particular little Bulldog has a wide body are compact and medium in size. They also have short legs that gives them a low center of gravity. They have big heads with some extra skin on both sides of their heads with their foreheads having falling folds. Their muzzles are somewhat wide and short with a pug look. Their noses are black with big nostrils and have dark adoring eyes that are deep set. Their jaws are big and broad and an English Bulldog have teeth that have an under bite appearance. This doesn’t mean they need braces. (A little humor here.) Their coat is smooth with a glossy look and short flat, straight hair. They have different coat colors that can be red brindle, other shades of the brindle color, all white, all red, fawn, piebald, a pale yellow, fallow, washed out red and/or white. They also can have combination of any of these colors.

Temperament of the English Bulldog

Even though the look on their face might be a little be intimidating, the English Bulldog is one of the most gentlest of all dogs. But, even with their gentle demeanor if they sense an intruder of any kind they are brave enough to face the danger head on.

English Bulldogs are extremely affectionate and you can always depend on them to be there for you. They are extremely loving and gentle with kids and this is why they are ideal family dogs. If you get one for yourself you will immediately discover that they can be quite bullhead, persistent and determined. It takes a lot to make them give up anything.

The English Bulldog is a “people dog”. This means they enjoy people and do whatever it takes to get the attention of their human. They love all the attention that they can get, so be prepared to supply plenty of it. For this breed to be truly happy, you need to be willing to give them a lot of love and affection.

Not Followers

Even though they are gentle and loving dogs, they don’t seem themselves as a dog that is a follower. Sometimes this means they might be a little combative with dogs they don’t know. They prefer to do things on their own and won’t be influenced by other dogs.

Other Things to Note About English Bulldogs

When they’re young they have tons of energy but slow down as they grow older. They also have a guarding type of behavior and that means they will guard things like their furniture, toys, food and certain places in the home they are most attached to.

Be prepared for snoring because they snore and loudly, just ask Charlie, he’s the perfect example. You also need to be aware that most drool and slobber a lot and can be very messy eaters and they don’t care, it’s just who they are.

They do need someone who is the leader of their pack and that needs to be their human parent. Otherwise, if you let them run your home, you won’t be happy and deep inside they won’t be either. It can actually be stressful for them to try and keep their human in line. It is you they want to follow since they basically are true human followers.

Common Health Issues

Most English Bulldogs are susceptible to developing breathing issues. Often they will have smaller windpipes. They don’t have the best eyesight either and are prone to cherry eye and heatstroke in hot weather, exposure to hot rooms or cars. They also are sensitive to extreme cold. They can also tend to develop mast cell tumors and can easily get skin infections along with knee and hip issues. They also can produce a lot of gas if they don’t stick to their normal diet. (Man can Charlie wake up a room with his gas.)

Living Environment

English Bulldogs are not picky about where they live as long as they are with the humans they love. They are great for people who live in apartments so they will do just fine without a backyard to play in. This is because by nature they are an indoor dog.

They do require exercise so it’s important to try to take them on a daily walk. They love to go for walks and strut their stuff. Walking them will also help cut down on any behavior issues they might develop if they are stuck inside 24 hours a day. Just like us they can get cabin fever.

All in all, the English Bulldog is a wonderful dog to have as part of your family.

Mary & Charlie

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