The American Bully

The American Bully

Right from the start it needs to be noted that the American Bully is NOT an American Pit Bull. Even though they nearly look the same, they are totally different American Breeds. The American Bully is a recently new Bulldog breed that first originated in the 1990’s. They were specifically bred to be an affectionate family dog. I know this for a fact since my son owns an American Bully and he has less aggressive tendencies than my little Charlie here and he doesn’t have a true aggressive bone in his body. In fact my son’s American Bully might be characterized as being somewhat of a goof ball.

Common Description

American Bullies tend to have a short coat that is glossy and stiff to the touch. They come in all colors of coats and eyes. Their eyes are oval and lower down on their skulls and are far apart. Their heads are a medium length and they have a broad skull with very defined muscles in their cheeks. They have high set ears and can be left uncropped or can be cropped. If you don’t crop them, they will look less aggressive and less like a Pit Bull. Their jaws are extremely strong and it gives them a very powerful grip. However, they never use this grip with aggression, but sure do when playing a good game of tug of war. They have tapering shoulders that are muscular and strong so this helps in a game of tug of war a lot. One of their favorite games. Their chest is quite broad and deep with straight front legs.

American Bully Temperament

This dog is an extremely happy dog, very outgoing and quite confident in itself. They are extremely gentle with humans and extremely loving. They are boundlessly good natured, often goofy and amusing, loyal beyond belief and a very affectionate family member. They are as loyal as their Pit Bull counterparts but, they are much more social, outgoing and amiable than Pit Bulls. They are especially tolerant of children, especially young children. They tend to have an often overly eager desire to please their family too. They are an ideal family member because they are not only reliable but trustworthy and loving family member. However, if they are severely provoked they are willing to fight and are persistent about it. They are very, very protective of their humans as well as their humans property and they are not afraid to fight to the death in order to protect them.

Even though they have generally a mild manner about them they still need a human counterpart that is firm, calm, confident in themselves and is consistent. The American Bully is not recommended for an owner that is passive and don’t get it that dogs require a leader in their pack and their human family is their pack.

Living Environment

American Bullies will tolerate living in an apartment, they’ll be happy anywhere their family is. However, they’ll be much happier if you give them regular exercise. They love going for long walks that are brisk, they don’t like walking slow very often. Giving them a place to live with a yard will increase their happiness and activity, but they still are active indoors if they don’t have a yard. They also is a dog that prefers warmer climates.

They are really easy to groom because of their nice smooth short haired coat. You should brush them regularly with a firm brush and give them a bath or a dry shampoo only as needed. You can also just take a towel or a chamois to keep their coat gleaming.

Remember, this is not a Pit Bull and does not come with all the stigma that Pit Bulls come with. It’s important that if you do get an American Bully that you educate those around you so they will come to understand that your American Bully may look like a Pit Bull but that’s where it ends.

Mary & Charlie

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