Natural Dog Food And Good Health For Your Old Bulldog

Natural Dog Food And Good Health For Your Old Bulldog

We like to believe that our previous article served as a good indication to you that you could be in for a rough time if you are entirely new to the treatment and care of dogs. But for those of you who are fonder than others of the domestic canine species, there’s good news for you. If you enjoy the thrill or warm fuzzy feeling of being over-protective and putting yourself through the vagaries of giving your dog more than the usual dose of pampering required for domesticated dogs, then the old British Bulldog is for you.

We have also given you an indication that extra care and attention to detail will be required in regard to natural dog food requirements and good health for bulldogs. We began by mentioning two common ailments endured by the pure old creature. These were hip dysplasia and interdigital cysts. There are many others. We will be going through some of these shortly. A good piece of advice well worth taking at this stage if you are dead set on a acquiring a bulldog puppy is to sign up for a good pet care medical aid plan. This will undoubtedly spare you the expense and pain later on.

No matter how well you take care of your dog in the future, depending on his unique personality and physiological characteristics, the poor fellow could have inherited a number of ailments which would only manifest once the dog has reached adulthood. So perhaps it’s also worth mentioning that you get in touch with an exceptionally good dog breeder who specializes in bulldog species and see if you can take home with you a perfectly healthy bulldog pup. Here is that much-maligned list for you to ponder on for a moment.

  • Cherry eye – This is a protrusion of the inner eyelid.
  • Allergy prone – As the dog grows older, approaching mature age, the bulldog is more prone to picking up a range of allergies than other canine species.
  • Cesarean section births – A majority of bulldog litters need to be delivered by Cesarean section because their larger than normal heads can become lodged in the mother’s birth canal.
  • Hyperthermia – Simply put, if not knowledgeably and properly cared for, the bulldog can die quickly of overheating.

This last affliction will be emphasized as we begin to wind down our article with a focus on nutritional requirements for bulldogs. Surely common sense will tell you that you’ll need to be quite vigilant where the dog’s rehydration requirements are concerned. You need to make absolutely certain that the dog is receiving his regular dose of clean water (in a clean bowl) throughout the day, particularly during the summer months.

Not only the abovementioned issues, but bulldogs are quite sensitive when it comes to eating. During provision of natural food for your bulldog do make sure that you’ve sourced vegetables that aid rehydration in the animal’s body. Make sure that you’ve been well briefed by your veterinarian, or ideally, bulldog specialist, on what specific food groups you need to be focusing on.

Now, another characteristic that seems to be the domain of the old bulldog is that he is utterly lazy. Unlike other dogs, he loathes his daily walk. But unbeknown to the ignoramus, this poor boy really does struggle to get about and is really quite keen to get out there and give it is his best shot. Along with proper eating habits for bulldogs, do make sure that the old fellow is getting his regular exercise.

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