Look, Here’s A Good Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Look, Here’s A Good Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Did I forget the beef and pudding for dogs in my last post? Nope, I did not. I simply ran out of time. I’m determined to give your dogs the treats they deserve. So, here it is then. Here’s an all time favorite for dogs. It’s a good one for you too because it’s just so easy to prepare. And it only takes about a half an hour to prep and make if you move your butt. Here’s a good homemade dog food recipe that all dogs and their owners love.

Why? Let me say it again. All dogs love their meat. They know that it’s packed with their essential protein. What they didn’t know is that the organic meat is even better for them. I’ve explained why a number of times before, so I’m not going to repeat myself. So, do your dogs a huge favor and treat them well with only organic or free range meat cutlets for dogs. Dogs don’t like going to the vet. And neither do you.

You’ve seen the bills, not nice.

Beef stew for dogs

  • Ingredients – Your usual stewing meat, only free range this time, one small sweet potato, half a cup of diced carrots and half a cup of green beans, also diced. Also add half a cup of white flour, just like you would normally when preparing tender, soft meat for your stews or curries. You’ll also be using half a cup of water for simmering and just a tablespoon of vegetable oil for first frying the meat, all of which must be diced to proportional bite size chunks.

Pudding for dogs?

My gosh. But why not. Fruit is good for dogs too. Organic, fat-free dairy is good for dogs too. All of which continue to feed your good old dog or young pup with generous helpings of protein and vitamins.

  • Ingredients – Fat-free yogurt, half a cup of diced strawberries and half a cup of diced blueberries. And half a cup of organic applesauce. The non-organic alternative, I believe, contains too much sugar and preservatives and is far too acidic for your sensitive dogs.

Making this lot is even easier than regular cooking. All you have to do is blend all the ingredients together, just as if you were making your own regular smoothies. You are making smoothies for breakfast, aren’t you? And you are having your regular gluten free oats too, I hope. Oats is good for dogs too, so here’s what you do. Instead of using white flour for your doggie’s beef stew, use oats instead.

You can test this with parts of water until you get the right consistency. Of course, then you still need to make sure that the meat cutlets remain tender, juicy and soft. To avoid overfeeding your dog, halve the portions of his regular meals so make up for the extra treat sizes you’ll be spoiling him with.



Be mindful of changing your dog’s diet so suddenly. While he might lap the food up in any case, his stomach might be having other ideas. Not so nice when you look out at your front lawn the next morning. Before making homemade dog food treats, have a chat with your vet who can fill you in on all the ideal organic ingredients for dogs. You’ll find that the transition will be gradual. You’ll still be feeding your dog biscuits and tins while adding in the new natural foods, proportionally, of course. That way not a crumb gets wasted either.



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