Hi, my name is Mary and I’m in love with Bulldogs! I didn’t know much about Bulldogs until I rescued one from my local shelter. It was then that I decided that I needed to get to know all about these interesting and charming dogs. Once I started researching Bulldogs I was amazed at just how many types of Bulldogs there are. To be honest, probably like a lot of you, I thought there were just American Bulldogs and English Bulldogs. Boy was I surprised to find out that there are over 40 varieties. Is that something or what?

To begin with, at first I really didn’t like Bulldogs. But, that quickly changed when I went to the shelter and met Charlie, my English Bulldog. Once we had eye contact I knew immediately that I had it all wrong. When our eyes met, it was like looking into his soul. It was like he could talk to me and I know the first thing he said to me was “I’ll change your attitude about Bulldogs if you just give me a chance and take me home with you.” So, that is exactly what I did. That was over five years ago and now I don’t know what I would do without Charlie in my life. He was barely a year old when I first met him and he was pretty shy and introverted. Five years later, you’d never know that’s what he was like then. He’s a changed little man to say the least. He pretty much has my number to when it comes to getting his way. But you know what? He’s worth every bit of it.

My hope is that by writing this Bulldog blog that I’ll be able to open up the eyes of all dog lovers to the fact that Bulldogs are just incredible dogs and wonderful companions as well as family dogs. They might not be the most attractive dogs in the world but before you know it, they’ll have you believing that they can win every beauty contest in the book.

Charlie and I love to travel together, go for walks, play with his toys, relax together watching TV. Yes, Charlie really does watch TV and he even has his favorite shows. He especially loves watching the Animal Planet channel. Stands to reason since he’s a dog. But, he really does like other stations and shows. Whether it’s because I do or because there are certain sounds that peak his interest , he loves to snuggle up on the couch with me every time that TV comes on.

Charlie and I both hope that through this blog the two of us can convince you that Bulldogs are loving, compassionate and intelligent beings who are willing to give their all to you to make you happy. We want you to learn as much about them as you can and realize that they can really help you enjoy life a lot more than you did without them.

Mary & Charlie